Profile editedHi, I’m Katie. I’m a reader, a writer, an editor, an artist, an insomniac. I love good food but hate the pretensions that go with being called a foodie. I also enjoy wine and am totally fine with being called a wino. I’m the rare left-brained artist (rarely spotted in the wild – we spook easily).

I grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania before heading out west to Pomona College, where I earned a surprisingly writing-intensive BA in Studio Art – a subject I especially enjoyed because it didn’t come naturally. Now, I couldn’t live without it. I moved to Florida in 2004 and have been hiding my highly flammable red-headed self from the sun ever since.

After being laid off twice by the same company – the second time while I was on my honeymoon! – I decided that I wanted to take ownership of my own career and started my business. I was a magazine editor (first print – both monthly and collector’s editions, with a total annual circulation of nearly 2 million copies – and now online) for three years, which honed my project management skills, leaving me more organized than ever and with a knack for writing and selecting content with just the right tone. Since 2012, I’ve put these skills to work for my own clients, both solo and with The Voice Bureau. I “get” creatives and love helping them organize their ideas and put them out in a consistent, authentic way that doesn’t cause the sort of stress that derails the whole creative process.

In addition to magazines, I’ve worked in radio, corporate recruiting, college admissions, retail, and hospitality. Over the years, I’ve written and edited:

  • technical, lifestyle, history, first-person (personal and ghost-written), and feature articles;
  • websites;
  • software training documentation;
  • print and radio ads;
  • marketing statements;
  • contracts;
  • and various types of presentations and reports.

I’m a big fan of media in all forms. I’m a mother of two, I’m currently (and very slowly) writing a novel, I was editor-in-chief over at Jack Move Magazine, and I founded the St. Petersburg, FL branch of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. But above all, I’m available to put my red pen to work on your business, whether you need spot-on copy or the sort of organization I’ve used to make my magazines so successful. So what are you waiting for? Read what people have said about me, take a look at some of the services I offer, or contact me and we’ll talk about where to start.

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